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Fun Weight Loss Goals

Sometimes weight loss is a drag. You’re munching on your carrot sticks and it seems like everyone around you is inhaling saturated fat laden nachos and drinking margarita sugar bombs like they haven’t seen food in a week. If you refuse to eat anything that’s not organic, or are ditching your friends for your nightly … Continue reading »

Summer Farmer’s Market Tips

Perusing your local farmer’s market does more than just support farmers. It may be key to getting nutrients that your body needs and delicious fruits and veggies you’ll crave on your weight loss journey.  Many people do most of their grocery shopping at the major supermarkets, totally unaware that the produce they purchase could have … Continue reading »

Time for a Change

The first five months of the year have come and gone, along with your resolutionary plans to run an 8 minute mile or to sculpt a tight summer butt. Since you can’t undo eating a whole birthday cake or that weekend reality-t.v.-athon, obsessing over the past or what you can’t have isn’t going to do … Continue reading »

Love Letters to Artichokes

My dearest Artichoke, I have spent the last few nights craving your company, but I was too lazy to go to the grocery store. I will do better tonight, my delicious thistle. In the meantime, I’d like to use this letter to express my sincere devotion to you. I recall when we first met many … Continue reading »

Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Loss

Got a sweet tooth?  Maybe a whole row of em?  So do a lot of Americans. What’s the big deal, anyway? Supermarkets are stacked with artificially sweetened products- diet soda, artificially sweetened yogurt, and sugar-free candy and ice cream. A lot of diets even count these as “free foods”, and you can eat them until … Continue reading »

Why Diets Don’t Work

Diets don’t work for many reasons. You can’t just blame it on your lack of willpower or your coworker’s daily doughnut drop off. The more times you turn to Atkins or Beyonce’s Master Cleanse to help you lose weight, the less likely you are to stick to it, and the more likely you are to … Continue reading »

5 Easy Ways to Start Losing Weight Now

Oh, the elusive tomorrow. How often do you say to yourself, I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow or see someone jogging down the street and think, I can do that… I’ll start tomorrow! But tomorrow never comes, does it? It can never be yesterday or tomorrow, it’s always today. So let’s start thinking of your health … Continue reading »

FPI- Food Police Investigation

In America’s war on dieting, the criminal offenders are pursued by the Food Police.  These are their probably exaggerated stories.  All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, even if they look really guilty.  Food Police (sauntering up to the table where Guilty Gail sits):  I see that you’re back again.  … Continue reading »

Hunger and Fullness Games

Hello, and welcome to The Hunger and Fullness Games- the game show where we decide if you should eat or pass.  I’m your host, NotoriousRD.  Now it’s time to meet our players. She may not realize how much she’s had to eat today, but you can always find food nearby.  Let’s welcome Mindless Eater Maggie! … Continue reading »